Garlic Salmon Pan Seared

Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on our planet Earth. It’s an oily fish loaded with nutrients, tasty, versatile and easily available. There is numerous health benefits associated with salmon and it is advised to include at least 2-3 serving of salmon every week in your diet plan. Many sites like,,, have posted articles listing numerous benefits associated with Salmon fish.

Salmon is rich in omega-3, which reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and decrease risk factors for disease. Salmon is rich in protein and our body requires the same to heal, protect bone health, helps in weight loss and prevents muscle loss. Salmon provides 22–25 grams of protein per 100g serving which is optimum for a healthy human body.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant found in salmon that is good for heart, brain, nervous system and skin health. Consuming salmon can help protect against heart disease by increasing levels of omega-3 fats, decreasing levels of omega-6 fats and lowering triglycerides. Consuming salmon also helps you control your weight by reducing appetite, boosting metabolic rate, increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing belly fat.

Salmon sourced from cold Arctic waters around Norway is supposed to be best available in this part of globe. For an individual/retail customer it had always been a challenge to fish good quality Norwegian salmon fillet in Delhi NCR. "" off late has come very handy when it comes to finding any sort of food item that we are looking for and if it’s not available online on their portal, you can always leave a message and they ensure to fulfill your requirements within a day or two.

I opted for a 1.4kg salmon fillet listed in their Fish section since I wanted to treat my family for a weekend surprise dinner. Team delivered Salmon fillet to my home very next day and it was neatly bubble film wrapped and had vacuum tight packing to maintain temperature and quality.

Ingredients: 10 Garlic cloves (crushed), Olive oil, Basil powder, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, 100gm butter, Broccoli, Beans, Asparagus, Lemon wedges, Salt and Pepper. 

Take your frozen salmon out of freezer keep aside for 2-3 hours for proper thawing, pat dry the fillet and cut in 10 equal sized portions. Rub paste of 4-5 crushed garlic and salt mixed in olive oil generously on salmon fillet and keep aside for 30-45 minutes

For surprise factor make Garlic Butter Sauce: Melt the butter and add crushed garlic and all the spice seasoning and mix well keep aside for 15 minutes

Put all veggies in a pan with 4tbsp of olive oil and sauté it for 4-5 minutes on medium flame. Once the veggies are slightly soft, add salmon portions to the pan and sauté for just over a minute. Put salmon portions and all veggies in a baking dish and pour the garlic butter sauce. Bake for 12 minutes in a pre heated oven. Once baked, squeeze lemon juice and season with pinch of salt & pepper. Serve hot with Parmesan Oregano Bread for best results. Pan Seared Garlic Butter Salmon was appreciated by all my family members and even the veggies vanished from the plates of my children in no time.

Dish preparation time is approx. 45-50 minutes and actual cooking takes around 15 minutes and serves 4-5 persons.