Home-made Garlic Prawns

Prawns are amongst the healthiest foods in the world. They are a great source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals that make up a healthy diet. They are surprisingly low in calories and are made up of extremely healthy cholesterol.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating prawns is part of a heart healthy diet as they contain almost three times more Omega 3 Fatty Acid than they do Omega 6 Fatty Acid. Prawns are a rich source of Selenium, one of the most effective antioxidants at maintaining healthy cells. They also contain high levels of Zinc, which is important to develop a healthy immune system. Eating prawns helps build strong bones because they contain phosphorous, copper and magnesium.The healthiest ways to cook prawns are to steam, boil, bake or grill them.

With numerous health benefits and less than 1% of people who are allergic to seafood, Prawns is must try out food item for all foodies and health conscious food lovers. In North India, it’s a challenge to source fresh quality prawns since its 1500 kms from coastal region and normally so called fresh seafood (fish and prawns) being sold in all local fish markets and shops are generally 7-10 days old. The quality of ice and water being used in most of fish markets to store and transport seafood is pathetic and high on bacteria counts.

The solution for sourcing premium quality seafood specially prawns was answered by as they have big range of Frozen Prawns sourced and packed directly from South India to ensure fresh product quality and hygiene till it reaches end customer. Last weekend wanted to eat seafood but with Covid restrictions and safety in mind, I dropped idea of taking family out for dinner. So finally with plan to cook Garlic Prawns at home, I placed an order for 2 packets of Jumbo Prawns. The Product was delivered as scheduled and it was great to see frozen prawns properly packed and delivered to our doorstep in professional manner.

Home-made Garlic Prawns turned out to be winner and were even liked by my kids and I would like to share the recipe and few tricks to make this dish a masterpiece. Thaw Prawns properly; Pat them dry, as wet prawns would never get lovely golden colour (trick#1).

Ingredients for marination process: Take 2 tsp Garlic & Green chili paste, 3 tsp Corn flour, 8-10 Black pepper (crushed), 4-5 tsp Lemon juice, 1tsp Green Chilli sauce, 1/2 tsp Red chilli sauce, 10tsp Soya Sauce, 8-10 Garlic cloves (chopped), 1 tsp Red chilli powder, 1 tsp Coriander powder, 2 tbsp Olive oil.

Mix all the items well and add prawns in the marinade and keep it aside for 45 minutes

Ingredients for sauce: 1 tsp roasted white Sesame seeds, 5 tsp White Vinegar, 8 tsp Soya sauce, 1-2 Green chillies chopped.

Take marinated prawns; add 1tsp salt just before cooking to ensure juiciness of prawns (trick#2). Sear the marinated prawns in a pan with olive oil (health conscious) or butter (foodies) for better flavour. Sauté the prawns on medium flame for 3 minutes and add secret optional ingredient white wine (trick#3) for better flavour. Add more butter (trick#4) in the end for churning out extra saucy and juicy prawns. Sauté till prawns tails curls (trick#5) and look cooked. Do not overcook (max 5 minutes) else the prawns would turn rubbery. Seafood and lemon go hand in hand. Add 2 tsp Lemon juice for master chef finish.

Serve in a dish with sauce and garnish with freshly chopped coriander/ parsley. This dish of home-made Garlic Prawns goes well with Butter Naan or any bread for that matter.


Use all 5 tricks mentioned in above recipe for enhanced taste and flavour.

For Creamy Garlic Prawns you can add cooking cream just at the end to give sublime flavour to the dish.

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